study finds e-cigarettes more harmful than tobacco cigarettes

Study Finds E-cigarettes More Harmful Than Tobacco Cigarettes


A new study has claimed that e-cigarettes are not a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The study was conducted by the US Food and Drug Administration. It said that e-cigarettes are more harmful to the human heart than tobacco cigarettes. Regular use of electronic cigarettes also increases the risk of coronary vascular disease. E-cigarettes are electronic devices. They are used for inhaling nicotine in liquid form. The device comes with a cartridge full of liquid nicotine, heating circuit, and rechargeable battery. Researcher Christine Albert said findings are shocking and exposed claims that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative. Albert said people know for decades that tobacco cigarette increases the risk for cardiac diseases. The latest study is evidence that electronic nicotine delivery systems are more or equally harmful to the heart.

For the survey, researchers decided to measure the flow of blood to the heart muscle. They randomly picked up smokers between the age group of 18 and 38. They measured the blood flow both before and after smoking tobacco and electronic cigarettes. All participants were doing rest after a handgrip exercise which stimulates physiologic stress. The findings said that blood flow decreased after both inhalations at rest and handgrip stress. This was seen in smokers who inhaled e-cigarettes. In smokers who smoked tobacco cigarettes, blood flow increased in an unassuming manner. It decreased with stress. The findings come at a time when lung-related e-cigarette cases are increasing in the US. The study added that e-cigarettes can also affect lung health. Besides, it is linked to many other health hazards. If anyone is addicted to e-cigarettes, it should be treated effectively.

The study also said that youngsters and school kids in the US are becoming addictive to the e-cigarette. The situation has become a matter of concern because of easy access. The presence of flavored e-cigarettes in market can further worsen disease severity. Alone in 2019, around 27.5 percent of high school students used e-cigarettes to inhale nicotine. This is a seven percent rise from the previous year’s data. Last year, around 3.62 million middle and high school children were e-cigarette users in America.

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